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new hire

Are you measuring quality of hire?

Improve quality of hire with collective intelligence.

Great hiring doesn’t end when the hire is made. Validating your hiring decisions and measuring the first year success of new hires is critical to a great talent acquisition function, but often ignored.

New Hire Insights lets you extend beyond the hiring decision, gathering and consolidating feedback from the collective: the new hire, the manager and the entire team that surrounds and supports the new hire.

Information compiled via New Hire Insights is fed back into an organization’s talent acquisition process to improve expectations, hiring decisions and ultimately, quality of hire.

  • Get employees off to a great start
  • Validate biggest impact steps of the hiring process
  • Improve engagement of new hires
  • Increase time to productivity
  • Improve recruiting strategies
  • Measure quality of hire

How It Works

    Your new hires and their teammates receive feedback request emails or texts as often as you'd like: 30, 60, 90 days or as far out as a half year or year after their start date.
    Gather consolidated feedback quickly by allowing employees to respond conveniently online anytime. Surveys are mobile-friendly.
    Receive reports providing insights into how your new hires are performing, if they're engaged and if they have what they need to be successful.

What Checkster Can Do for You

  • Improve New Hire Engagement

    Touch base easily throughout the first year - the time you’re at highest risk for losing new talent.

  • Increase Time to Productivity

    Identify and address any issues, getting the new hire up to speed and productive quickly.

  • Gain Insights into the Recruiting Process

    Capture valuable feedback about the recruiting and onboarding processes to optimize them further.

  • Measure Quality of Hire

    Uncover powerful data to help measure and track new hire quality.

Supercharge your recruiting with

Checkster for Hiring

Capture and collect data and feedback at all the critical points in your hiring process and throughout a new hire’s first 365 days.

Connect the dots with

Checkster for Retention

Measure whether your new hires are engaged, performing well and contributing positively to your company.


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