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Exit interview data that really informs.

You’ve invested millions to identify, recruit and hire the best. Don’t end your efforts there. Successful recruiting includes ensuring that your hires perform and stay at the company for years.

Capture candid feedback from departing employees as well as from their coworkers and managers at the most critical points in time. Inform better hiring decisions and improve management decisions to increase retention of your top players.

  • Get metrics to inform improved retention
  • Identify hiring managers needing help
  • Customize exit questions by role
  • Track and trend exit data
  • Improve quality and quantity of exit feedback
  • Learn inside information about your own company
  • Identify other potential flight risks
  • Take proactive action to retain other team members

How It Works

    Invite the employee, team members and manager to Checkster via email or SMS text.
    Departing employee and coworkers enter exit interview feedback online, available to fit their schedules 24/7
    Receive in-depth reports for deep insights into contributing factors that led up to the employee's exit.

What Checkster's Exit Insights Can do for You

  • Collect Invaluable Feedback from Peers and Managers

    Checkster’s confidential process collects honest feedback from the employee and their coworkers and managers to help uncover the real reasons for an employee’s exit.

  • Gather Feedback Quickly Online

    Eliminate vague or cryptic interview feedback. With just the click of a button you can gather detailed, candid, useful responses rapidly.

  • Receive Easy-to-Read Insightful Reports

    Aggregate data across employees and departments and measure changes over time to uncover turnover trends. Use actionable metrics to inform company-wide improvements.

  • Customize Questions to Specific Roles

    Easily customize your exit interview questions to uncover anything from difficult hiring managers, challenging team cultures, to company fit issues.

  • Determine if Losing “A” Players

    Based on interview feedback, uncover how many of departing employees were key players and the reasons behind their leaving.

  • Support Hiring Managers to Improve Retention

    Determine if certain hiring managers have a higher turnover rate and build support infrastructure to improve their retention success.

connect the dots with

Checkster for Retention

Measure whether your new hires are engaged, performing well and contributing positively to your company.
  • New Hire Insights
    Ensure the right actions and touchpoints are built into the first year of the employee’s job with consistent check-ins along the way.
    Empower employees or team leaders to take charge of their success by initiating ad-hoc check-ins to quickly gather feedback on how to improve their development.
  • EXIT Insights
    Capture candid feedback of coworkers and managers at the most critical time of the employee’s departure to better inform hiring decisions, management practices and company initiatives.


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