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Retention directly impacts ROI

Why does retention matter? Retaining employees allows teams to bond, build a strong culture, gain momentum and stretch for long term goals.

47% of HR professionals say retention is the top workforce management challenge.

-SHRM Globoforce Survey

Did you make the right hire?

A candidate’s first day on the job is only one step in their journey with the company. Gather collective intelligence to find out if your recruiting strategies brought in a winner to the team and use that data to improve quality of hire.

New Hire Insights

Ensure the right actions and touchpoints are built into the first year of the employee’s job. Check in on your new hire at 30, 60, 90 days, 6 months or a year (anytime, really!) into their role.
  • Offer a connected experience: Get your employee off to a great start.
  • Find out if your new hire is engaged and performing well.
  • Listen for valuable feedback about the new hire process.
  • Uncover ways to improve onboarding, team fit and overall success.

How are your employees performing?

Encourage employees to grow by learning about their strengths and weaknesses, and improve their performance for the company, and ultimately, the bottom line.

Talent Insights

Empower employees or team leaders to take charge of their success by initiating ad-hoc check-ins to quickly gather feedback on how to improve their development.
  • Employees or hiring managers can initiate anytime with the click of a button.
  • Easy online surveys deliver more responses on average for superior insights.
  • Data is collected into organized summaries for easy sharing and learning.

Who did you lose and why?

Avoid the high costs associated with turnover by tying employee performance and exit timeline with new hire processes. Gather the right data from the right people to find gaps in your retention strategy.

Exit Insights

Capture candid feedback of coworkers and managers at the most critical time of the employee’s departure to better inform hiring decisions, management practices and company initiatives.
  • Confidential process elicits more candid feedback.
  • Gather data from coworkers and managers, as well as the departing employee.
  • Ability to filter out feedback from remaining non-A players.
  • Actionable metrics inform company-wide improvements.

Connect the dots!

Checkster for Hiring captures and collects data and feedback during critical points in your hiring process offering powerful insights to feed into your hiring strategies.


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