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Leverage collective intelligence to drive better candidate insights

Checkster's hiring solution captures data and feedback during critical points in your hiring process, consolidating this information into powerful, easy-to-understand insights that allow business leaders to make better hiring decisions.

By utilizing collective human intelligence, Checkster helps mitigate bias - both human and machine - all while improving the quality, compliance and speed of critical talent decisions.

What do your interviewers think of the candidate?

Traditional methods for gathering, compiling, and analyzing candidate feedback across interviewers are often unstructured, difficult to compare and inconsistent.

Interview Insights

Automate the interview evaluation process by assembling candid online interviewer feedback quickly.

  • Mitigate bias with collective feedback reflecting the opinion of all interviewers.
  • Use consolidated, scored reporting to make data-driven hiring decisions.
  • Save time and avoid wasted hours of debating or chasing down feedback.
  • Remain equitable by collecting and documenting all data systematically.

How did your candidate perform in previous roles?

Reference checks can provide powerful candidate insights, yet are often overlooked, done manually, or conducted too late in the hiring process to make a big impact.

Reference Insights

Streamline the entire reference checking process gathering higher quality feedback in less time.
  • Reference and candidate access anywhere, anytime.
  • Eliminate wasted time chasing down references with phone interviews.
  • Collect more candid feedback for better candidate insights.
  • Rely on automatic fraud alerts to weed out fraudulent candidates.

Did you make the right hire?

A candidate’s first day on the job is only one step in their journey with the company. Gather collective intelligence to find out if your recruiting strategies brought in a star employee and use that data to improve quality of hire.

New Hire Insights

Measure the first year of success and validate your hiring decisions: find out if your new hire is a good fit and key player as they ramp up into their position.
  • Easily measure quality of hire with powerful feedback data.
  • Uncover ways to improve sourcing, recruiting, and overall success.
  • Better inform artificial intelligence strategies and maximize recruiting investments.

Connect the dots! 

Checkster for Retention will help you measure whether your new hires are engaged, performing well and contributing positively to your company.


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