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Hiring Manager Survey

Covid-19 Hiring Manager Survey(iStock-1211113736)

In a mere few months, COVID-19 rapidly changed daily life for millions across the globe. It has impacted not only routines like going to work, buying groceries, and spending time with others, but also—as a recent Checkster survey reveals—changing the methods hiring managers are using to hire new employees.

In April 2020, Checkster conducted a survey of 400 hiring managers across the United States still hiring during the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked them questions pertaining to hiring and onboarding tools, the way that COVID-19 has affected these processes, and their opinions about the future of hiring.

These results show the drastic ways in which companies’ hiring and onboarding processes have been
changed by COVID-19— and most likely will be transformed for good.

Download this report to discover key steps you can take to ensure your organization's hiring practices remain adaptable, while providing the data you need to make effective hiring decisions.

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