Netflix on Strategic Talent Management

I was reading an article about Patty McCord's book -- Patty is the ex Chief Talent Officer at Netflix, who co-wrote the famous slide deck on Netflix culture. What was the most stunning to me is how she answered the objection I hear often when I speak about quality of hire: "Well this is good how you measure it, but this is quite subjective..."
Indeed, when you compare with the time to fill, or cost per hire (which are objective, well-established measurements), quality of hire often seems more subjective.
This article answers that: ‘What makes a great hire? Most organizations fail to understand that a great hire is subjective. [...] “Making great hires is about making great matches. One company’s A player may be a B player for another firm, and vice versa,” McCord writes.’
Read about the best way to measure quality of hire here.
Read the article here.


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