Diversity & Inclusion: What Checkster Stands For


2020 will remain a very unique time in history.

Recent events have made us all stop and think (more) about equality and diversity. For me, they’ve also brought to mind history: both America’s history and my own. 

I am originally from Belgium. I met my wife here in the US 20 years ago, and have since founded a company and started a family. We’ve built our lives together, proudly, in America. Becoming American was important to me because I believed in the ideals of what this country represents. 

The decision to become an American citizen  was based on the understanding that the core values of this country are that you are as good as your actions, not the color of your hair, eyes, skin or even who your parents are or were.

It was the understanding that at its core, America is a meritocracy.  As long as you deliver value you should be recognized for it, regardless of who you are, as a minority or even if you have a “strange” accent like mine.

It goes without saying, that in America, equality in front of the law is and should be a given.

It is clear that the events which have recently transpired are at odds with America’s ideals. They are at odds with what drew me to become American. This is upsetting, at the very least. 

Checkster's mission, to provide tools to make better talent decisions, is aligned with those American ideals. This is no coincidence. The products we have built create a platform that allows for multiple voices to be heard, cancelling out our inherent individual biases. That is why diversity of opinion in a collective intelligence platform is critical.

This is what Checkster stands for and will always stand for -- we believe that all people are created equal regardless of race, gender, orientation, disability, or creed, that they are endowed with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These sentiments are as true today as they were in 1776, and this is what American democracy symbolizes regardless of politics... 

This is what Checkster stands for and  enables -- we know that what matters to top organizations is performance, regardless of who delivers it. But this journey is a hard one as human beings are inherently biased. So what I gave as guidelines to our team are:

  1. Act. Our actions are the most important messages we can give. It goes way beyond this week or this month, it is a way of life. Advocate your beliefs and support them through your day to day actions.

  2. Diversity brings value. Diversity extends beyond the traditional definition: gender, race, ethnicity, language, religion, age, sexual orientation  and physical and mental ability.  Diversity of thoughts is equally important.

  3. Communication is healthy. Our employees are encouraged to share openly and be as transparent as possible. Your voice is important. Let’s all be sure to continue sharing our thoughts. It’s important to communicate.

  4. Teamwork is key. We know this inside our companies, our schools, our sports organizations. Let’s work together, side by side to realize our dreams.

From our family to yours, we stand united in equality, diversity and freedom.


In good health,

Yves Lermusi