Compensate your recruiters like salespeople?


I was recently speaking with a TA leader who was previously a sales leader. Turns out, she put in place compensation plans for her recruiters that would make many TA leaders uncomfortable...

Like in sales, it includes a base compensation, then a variable based on results.

But what is this variable based on? Not fill rate, not speed of hire, but retention milestones. At 60 days, a certain amount of compensation is offered, and once again several months later.

Okay, I hear what you're thinking: But, several months after is not our responsibility anymore, we don't control it, it's going to demotivate recruiters...

And sure, maybe a large amount of time can demotivate, but if the variable for the second milestone is modest enough, it sets the right tone for your TA team. We are here to deliver long-term results!