Checkster named #1 best reference checking software by real users.


It’s always nice to feel appreciated. 

We love hearing from our users and take all feedback (from delighted comments to constructive critiques) to heart. That’s why we’re especially thrilled to have our Reference Insights solution ranked #1 in top industry comparisons by Info-Tech’s 2019 Software Reviews Report. 

Info-tech, a research and advisory firm for technology leaders, surveyed end users to determine which reference check software tools rated the highest in vendor experience and capabilities, as well as product features and satisfaction.

“The Checkster team as a whole is always striving to grow and improve -- whether it be the features of our products, the ease of implementation, the support from our customer service, or just the overall value we bring to our clients,” says Yves Lermusi, Co-founder and CEO.

Info-tech Research Group’s 2019 report revealed that at least 86% of users found Checkster’s Reference Insights critical to their professional success, with 96% of all users stating they plan to renew. 

In fact, Checkster ranked #1 in a variety of surveyed categories including:

  • #1 Likely to recommend
  • #1 Business value created
  • #1 Breadth of features
  • #1 Ease of implementation 
  • #1 Secure candidate data storage
  • #1 Dashboard reporting
  • #1 Automated survey distribution
  • #1 Reference referee portal

“At Checkster, we focus on and closely track customer satisfaction through client feedback. We pride ourselves on our extremely high renewal rate and NPS scores. So, it’s an honor to see that same client delight reflected in this third-party analysis,” says Yves.

And it’s not just product interactions that Checkster scored high on. According to Info-Tech, 100% of users found Checkster’s sales team to be effective and knowledgeable. As well, 100% reported to find the sales and client success team and product specialists to be friendly and caring.

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This, we feel, is a crowning achievement because if our customers don’t feel supported, then we haven’t done our job. 

Would you like to see how our top rated reference check software can work for your organization? Find a time that works with your schedule and we’ll walk through a customized demo just for you.