Beyond Biases in new hires selection?


Recently I asked leaders of large F500 organizations debating how to improve their diversity programs: "What were their practical and actionable recommendations to counter biases?

Only one response came back: to enforce diverse group of interviewers.

The rational is simple: we all have biases, and we cannot remove them.

It is like the image below; we know the yellow lines are the same length, but that does not prevent us from seeing the top one as longer. This is why many bias trainings are seen as ineffective…


So having diverse group of interviewers will show you the differences, but you need to “see” them.  You need to have the reminder (vertical redlines) when you make your decisions.

To an extent, that is what we have built at Checkster: the ability to capture diverse viewpoints and have them in front of you when you make your decision.

And, knowing the huge number of biases we have, it is maybe the only “practical and actionable” way to be aware of them.