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collective-intelligenceLeverage the Power of Collective Intelligence

The phenomenon of achieving more accuracy collectively rather than individually when some conditions are respected is called collective intelligence. It is the foundation of Checkster’s methodology to make better talent decisions.

Collective Intelligence is at the source of many decision tools. The most well known success is Google, the search engine that decides what is relevant. More recently Yelp helps you make better decisions about a restaurant; TripAdvisor about a destination. Similarly, Checkster helps you make the best decision about talent.


processA Look Into Checkster’s Process

Checkster’s process is fast and easy with powerful results for any organization that needs to make a talent decision: a hire, promotion, or separation choice. In order to optimize the decision accuracy, Checkster provides an online framework to structure and capture intelligence from a range of people while utilizing the principle of collective intelligence.

For example, if you need to hire someone and want to make sure their references from past employers concur with your judgement, Checkster’s use of collective intelligence will provide that extra degree of certainty in your decision. Checkster’s innovative, web-based solutions use collective intelligence combined with the ease and reach of social networks to deliver fast, accurate social ratings for better talent decisions.

The Leader in Web-Based Talent Decisions

The Reference Insights assesses talent pre-hire by upgrading the traditional telephone reference check. The Interview Insights gives interview debriefs a new level of objectivity. The 360 Checkup provides new hire quality validation and developmental feedback for current employees.

I believe Checkster represents a game-changing technology and approach"

- John Gates , Head of Talent Acquisition at Marathon Oil Corporation