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Leverage the Power of Collective Intelligence

Where diversity proves its core business impact.

Collective Intelligence

Shared or group intelligence that emerges from the collaboration and collective efforts of many individuals.

Used as the foundation of Checkster’s methodology in making better talent decisions, collective intelligence brings about less biased, more sound decisions, every time.

The Foundation of Collective Intelligence

  • Diversity
  • Authenticity
  • Decentralization
  • Technology

Diversity & Authenticity: Avoiding Groupthink

Since the publication of the seminal book The Wisdom of Crowds, many researchers (including those at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence) and organizations worldwide have been codifying how we can make better decisions as a group without falling into the trap of “groupthink”.

“Groupthink” is a common challenge when working in a group atmosphere, as humans have a natural tendency to minimize conflict and agree with the loudest voice in the room. HR’s goal should be to find a way to ensure everyone has a voice (even the quieter ones)

leaving individuals free to express their candid thoughts, remaining uninfluenced by hidden agendas or deceptive tactics.

The “Groupthink” phenomenon could be affecting many of your hiring decisions. For example, do you use interview debrief meetings to come to a consensus about a new hire? Groupthink could easily be biasing the opinions in the room. Using a platform like Checkster will help you avoid “groupthink” and get to the heart of real feedback.


Another important step in avoiding bias it to collect feedback from the bottom up - a process of decentralization. The opinions of the group need to be diverse -- not just based on gender or ethnic background, but also representing diversity of knowledge, experience, personality, and cognitive style, to name a few. Are your current methods of gathering feedback and data points for hiring decisions designed to support and promote diversity? Your methods for collecting feedback need to be consistently decentralized to do so.

Collective Intelligence Technology

So how do you ensure diversity, authenticity and decentralization in your hiring decisions?
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You need a technology framework to capture the information efficiently, intelligently and without bias. Beware. Using subpar information aggregation technology may result in just capturing data and not achieving the benefits of collective intelligence.

Whether you realize it or not, you probably use tools every day that rely on collective intelligence. Google, for example, determines which websites to display in response to your search queries, doing so by utilizing the collective intelligence of click reactions, driving the highest quality resources to the top of your search results.

Likewise, Yelp is helping you make better decisions choosing restaurants, reviewed by many; and TripAdvisor similarly about destinations.

Checkster is set up to provide you with powerful insights from collective intelligence which will help you be smarter with what are arguably the most important decisions of any business: talent decisions.

Checkster provides smarter people decisions with collective intelligence.

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