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What is digital reference checking?

Collective Intelligence-- it's not a new idea. You use it more often than you think but do you know what it really means, particularly when applied to reference checking? 

Watch this video now to learn:

  • What is digital reference checking?
  • What you need to be successful at hiring the best people. 
  • What is Collective Intelligence and how will it help you take your hiring methods to the next level.
  • What metric can be used to measure hiring success.
  • See a cost benefits analysis of where hiring accuracy meets efficiency: How to spend less time, but get more out of your reference checking methods. 
  • Why using traditional reference check methods over the phone will leave you with inaccurate candidate feedback and will not weed out the bad hires.
  • How to easily get 5-15 passive candidates per candidate checked. 
  • How to increase your average reference response rate from 2 responses up to 6 per candidate.
  • How to save yourself an entire hour when reference checking each candidate.
  • How to remain 100% compliant with your reference check process.