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Ultimate Guide to Finding Passive Candidates

Passive candidates are key to scaling your employee growth. Hiring these candidates is time and cost-efficient and provides excellent ROI on recuiting expenses. Traditionally, these prospects are higher-performing, better skilled, and more loyal than active candidates. While generally happy in their job and not actively looking for a new position, passive candidates are open to hearing about new opportunities that would help develop their career.

Employers who can swoop in and grab one of these top-contributing prospects before they consider switching jobs can save time and money while bringing a tried-and-true top performer into the mix.

This guide will help you solve your passive-candidate dillemma.

In this guide you will learn more about passive candidates such as:
  • What passive candidates are
  • Reasons to seek after passive candidates
    • Hiring passive candidates is cost-efficient
    • Passive candidateshave sharper skills than unemployed candidates
    • Once hired, passive candidates tend to perform better and stay longer
  • How to find passive candidates
    • Including examples of ways to recruit passive candidates, like company alumni outreach and reference checking
  • How to use technology to find passive candidates
    • New technologies and products hit the market all the time to help recuit passive candidates

Companies that want to stay ahead of the war for talent need to develop solid hiring strategies that include the pursuit of passive candidates. Focusing on passive candidates exclusively is too limited of an approach, but ignoring them altogether is definitely a mistake.

While many employers recognize the value that passive candidates can bring to their organizations, leadership lacks real strategies for finding and securing members of this in-demand talent pool.

Thankfully, there's no shortage of information or tools to aid employers in their goal to find, engage, nurture, and ultimately hire passive candidates.

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