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Are you spending too much time chasing interviewers only to get marginal or biased feedback?

Interviewer insights at your fingertips.

Interviews are one of the most powerful and influential steps in your hiring process, yet the method for gathering feedback across interviewers is typically unstructured, inconsistent and time consuming -- if done at all.

Checkster’s Interview Insights automates the interview feedback process by capturing and consolidating interviewer feedback on each candidate. Since providing feedback is convenient and more immediate, it’s better quality, leading to better decisions.

Over time, when merged with new hire data, this collective intelligence can be analyzed to show top interviewers and the interview questions that predict quality of hire.

  • Mitigate bias or social influence
  • Improve hiring decisions
  • Get comprehensive, candid feedback
  • No more chasing interviewers
  • Make data-driven comparisons
  • Debrief consistently
  • Avoid bad hires

How It Works

    Your interviewers receive an email or text asking them for candidate interview feedback.
    Interviewers can access conveniently online anytime. It’s so easy feedback can be captured live and comments can be added after.
    Get scored, consolidated feedback quickly in reports providing instant insights into the best candidates.


What Interview Insights Can do for You

  • Stay Compliant

    Collect, track and monitor feedback across interviewers — in real time — to ensure participation.

  • 24 / 7 / 365 Mobile Access

    Interviewers can give feedback with Checkster anywhere anytime, including live during the interview, capturing the most accurate impression possible.

  • Avoid Bias

    Remove the potential influence of an outspoken interviewer with the collective intelligence of diverse interviewers across teams.

  • Structured Debriefs

    Debrief consistently and systematically across all interviewers for genuine candidate feedback.

  • Use Insightful Reports

    Checkster automatically compiles candid interviewer feedback into easy-to-read, actionable reports. Don’t waste time checking every day; get notified when all interviewers have responded.

Interviewers love the Checkster interface because it isn't a lot of work to add their feedback, so we get responses submitted much faster.

Laura Van Syckle  

Director of Recruitment, Virginia Hospital Center
Supercharge your recruiting with

Checkster for Hiring

Capture data and feedback at all the critical points in your hiring process with Checkster for Hiring including interviews, reference checks and throughout a new hire's first 365 days.
  • Interview Insights
    Mitigate bias, ensure compliance and get to an answer faster by automating the interview debrief process.
  • Reference Insights
    Discover hidden gems in your pipeline and uncover red flags before you make an offer, all without ever picking up the phone.
  • New Hire Insights
    Measure the first year of success and validate your hiring decisions: find out if your new hire is a good fit and key player as they ramp up into their position.


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