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Checkster’s Post Interview Insights

The traditional interview debrief process is typically inconsistent, time consuming and often biased towards the most vocal person in the room. Or even worse, there is no post-interview debrief because it's too difficult to obtain timely feedback from a dispersed team. This leads to wasted time and hiring mistakes.

Checkster’s Interview Insights is an online automated system that brings the interview debrief process to new levels of speed and accuracy.

step1 Step 1:Organization invites the interviewers to Checkster via email  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Gain better and more consistent interview debriefs through Checkster's cloud-based platform.

feedback Step 2:Interviewers enter feedback
online  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Avoid interview bias and get honest feedback.

step1 Step 3:Organization receives Interview Checkup report  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Cut costs and improve the quality of hires.

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Starting an Interview Checkup

Benefits of the Interview Insights


Better Interview Debriefs

The Interview Insights enables organizations to truly debrief – consistently and systematically – with all interviewers.


Cut Costs

Make each interview count while putting an end to wasted hours of debating over candidates.


Stop Chasing Interviewers

The Interview Insights gives interviewers an easy and fast way to deliver meaningful feedback for better and more efficient decisions.


100% Compliance

Checkster’s Interview Insights process enables you to monitor in real time, collect, and track the feedback of your interviewers so your organization can be fully compliant.

How to measure and improve quality of hire: Results from a roundtable with Silicon Valley companies

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Comparing Interview Debrief Solutions


  • Time: 60+ Mins
  • Speed: 3+ Days
  • Candid Answers: No
  • Systematic: No
  • Reports: No


  • Time: 5+ Mins
  • Speed: 2 Days
  • Candid Answers: No
  • Systematic: Non-tailored
  • Reports: No
Get more value while cutting costs. Our method has been proven thousands of times with hundreds of satisfied clients.

"If you really want to know about candidates, when you have four or more people giving the same feedback, this is such a sure way of understanding them"

- Sayoni Banerjee , US Recruiting Manager, ABB