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You’ve invested millions to identify, recruit and hire the best. But it shouldn’t end there. Recruiting success includes ensuring your new talent performs well and stays at the company for years.

It can cost up to 200% of their annual salary
to replace a departing employee with a new hire.*

How much do you know about why you’re losing employees?

Checkster’s Exit 360 Survey

Peer and Supervisor Feedback

Collect actionable, confidential feedback from colleagues and managers to determine if the exiting employee was a key player and why they’re leaving.

Pinpoint issues with your recruiting process and uncover company-wide or management-specific trends that need addressing.

Checkster’s Exit Interview

Departing Employee Feedback

Don’t rely on rehearsed answers that provide no real insights. Checkster’s digital questionnaire allows departing employees to provide details about all contributing factors that led up to their exit.

With Checkster, see a marked increase in useful observations that can be directly applied to improving your retention strategies.
Exit Screenshot

step1 Step 1:Organization invites the employee, peers and manager to Checkster via email  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Save time and lower the cost of traditional exit interviews.

step1 Step 2:Employee, peers and manager enter exit interview feedback online  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Employees save time by completing the exit interview to fit their schedules

step1 Step 3:Organization receives in-depth report for turnover insights  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Gain deep insights into contributing factors that led up to the employee's exit

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Checkster's Exit Insights Benefits


Collect invaluable feedback from peers & managers

Traditional exit interview surveys ask only the employee their reasons for leaving, and collect polite answers at best. Use Checkster to collect honest feedback from peers and supervisors and uncover the real reasons for an employee’s exit.


Gather feedback quickly, online

No more taking notes and trying to extrapolate useful information from short, cryptic conversations. Issue Checkster's Exit Insights with just the click of a button and gather detailed, consistent, solid feedback rapidly.


Customize questions specific to roles

Easily customize your exit interview questions to hone in on specific concerns that may be affecting your company’s retention rate. Use the questionnaire to uncover anything from difficult hiring managers, challenging team cultures to company fit issues.


Gather easy-to-read, insightful reports

Aggregate data across employees and departments to uncover turnover trends. Share visual reports containing straightforward graphs with execs to demonstrate real bottom-line-impact with improved retention.

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Comparing Exit Interview Methods


  • Method: In Person
  • Data Record: Maybe Recorded
  • Time Commitment: 30-60 Minutes
  • Tone: Formal, Stressful
  • Participants: 1 Employee
  • Recipients: Individual Only

Online Survey

  • Method: Online
  • Data Recorded: Recorded
  • Timing: Within Set Time
  • Time Commitment: 30 Minutes
  • Tone: Direct, Neutral
  • Participants: 1 Employee
  • Recipients: Individual Only
Get more value while cutting costs. Our method has been proven thousands of times with hundreds of satisfied clients.
Penn State Health
* Reference https://www.americanprogress.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/CostofTurnover.pdf