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How Reference Insights works

Our web based reference insights service makes it easy to quickly check candidate references. Get reference checks done in as little as two minutes!

With automated reference insights, you can save time during the recruiting process, and ensure you’re making the best hire.


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Save up to an hour of time per job candidate by avoiding manual tasks. Reference insights questions are ready to be sent.

step1 Step 2:Candidate Invites References  small_down_arrow_Red.png

Get honest feedback and insights from 6+ job references.

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Avoid 12% of bad hires and create a new source of passive candidates from the reference assessments.

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Benefits of Reference Insights Software


No More Time Wasted

With our online reference insights software services, you’ll never experience wasted phone calls or the annoyance of playing voicemail tag again.


Useful Reference Check Information

If you’ve outsourced for reference insights, or call the references yourself, the price often outweighs the benefit.


Stay Clear of Empty Praise

Ever been to a bad restaurant? And when the server asks you how the food is, you always say “Good.” That’s how checking references on the phone goes. People always say nice things just to end the call.


Embrace Efficiency

Our digital method makes checking references easy for all parties. The automated process is best for accuracy, as proven by our thousands of clients.

Save your team an hour of time per candidate and improve your quality of hire with our Reference Check ROI Calculator.

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Comparing Reference Insights Services


  • Time: 60+ Mins
  • Speed: 3+ Days
  • Candid Answers: No
  • Systematic: No
  • Reports: No


  • Time: 5+ Mins
  • Speed: 2 Days
  • Candid Answers: No
  • Systematic: Non-tailored
  • Reports: No
Get more value while cutting costs. Our method has been proven thousands of times with hundreds of satisfied clients.
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