Checkster Releases Easiest Automated Reference Checkup Tool

Mill Valley, Calif. - February 5, 2008 - Checkster has released the easiest automated Reference Checkup tool. It’s a unique way of checking references that is so easy, it cuts the time of the traditional reference check down to a few minutes, all while improving the quality of the outcome. This web service enables any employer to use reference checking as a true way of assessing potential candidates. Checkster leverages leading-edge research in expert performance and associates it with innovative Web 2.0 collaborative technology.

“Today employers cannot afford to spend time on useless administrative tasks. Unfortunately, traditional reference checking has become exactly that. With Checkster, employers not only save time, but also transform this administrative task into the most accurate way of predicting one’s future performance,” explains Yves Lermusi, CEO of Checkster.

Customers agree:

“Getting the right people in our company is what will ensure tomorrow’s success. Checkster helps us make the right decision,” states Babak Dehnad, HR director at MySQL, when speaking about the reference Checkup tool component of Checkster.

“As a leading research and advisory firm, we are applying as much rigor to our new hire decision as we do to our core business. Checkster enables us to gain unique insight into candidates prior to making our hiring decisions, and most importantly, reduces the risk of making a mis-hire,\” says Gwenn Bezard, Research director at Aite Group

Checkster’s Reference Checkup aims at reducing the 50 percent mis-hire rate. That rate creates immense frustration for individuals and wastes billions of dollars for organizations. The Reference Checkup provides organizations with one of the most accurate ways of assessing an individual during the recruiting or internal promotion process while only requiring a couple of minutes of the recruiting organization’s time. Moreover, the complete transparency candidates have of the assessment enables individuals to learn as much from an unsuccessful placement than from a successful one.

About Checkster 
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