Checkster Named Hot Trend For 2009 As Defined By SHRM


Checkster’s Automated Reference Checking Tool Has Been Nominated Hot Trend For 2009 By SHRM

Mill Valley, Calif. - February 17, 2009 - Checkster, the market and technology leader in automated reference checking and personal feedback tools, has been seen by SHRM as offering the hot trend of 2009 with its automated reference checking tool.

2009 HR Trendbook:

Staffing Management Automated Reference Checking Puts Onus On Candidates

By Adrienne Fox, former managing editor of HR Magazine, is a freelance writer in Alexandria, VA

Reference checking is getting a lot easier—and some say more accurate—thanks to web-based automation. Reference checking is a critical step in the hiring process, but the time involved in tracking down contacts and the difficulty of getting them to do more than confirm dates of employment can be frustrating.

Online automated reference checking, however, offers anonymity for the reference, efficiency for the recruiter and a more comprehensive report on the candidate. “It’s simply automating one of the last elements of recruiting that used to be heavily manual,” said Yves Lermusi, chief executive officer of Checkster in Mill Valley, Calif., whose company offers a product called Reference Checkup. “Because it is confidential, people are more forthcoming. And because it’s online, the process goes faster.”

Drawbacks of such systems include the inability of a recruiter to follow up with a reference for clarification or to hear the reference’s tone of voice. But automated reference checking offers many benefits to employers. Time Efficiencies Traditional reference checking is “very time-consuming and intrusive to the reference,” said Babak Dehnad, vice president of human resources at Phoenix Technologies in Milpitas, Calif., and a client of Checkster.

With automation, the recruiter takes about two minutes to send an e-mail link to the job candidate. It is then the candidate, not the recruiter, who contacts five or more references to fill out a tailored questionnaire online. The vendor collects the surveys and creates an analytical report for the employer.

About Checkster 
Checkster is revolutionizing the way companies organize their reference checking by offering state of the art automated reference checking technology. From now on playing phone tag, unprofessional reference reports with feedback from 2-3 people are history. The state of the art technology takes only 2 minutes to launch and yields at least twice as many responses, and compiles all the data in a professional report. From now on, fuss about corporate policies that prohibit employees from giving feedback is a thing of the past since Checkster’s technology takes care of that as well. The same way Checkster is revolutionizing reference checks, it also revolutionizes and democratizes 360 feedback technologies.

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