Checkster Introduces First Personal Performance Management Tool for Organizations

Mill Valley, Calif. - August 2, 2007 - Checkster announced the introduction of the first personal performance tool to empower organizations to grow and improve their talent. This unique web service leverages leading-edge research in expert performance and associates it with innovative Web 2.0 collaborative technology.

“Today’s employees expect more than a job from their employers; they look for organizations that enable them to grow and learn. Checkster’s personal performance tool is about enabling individuals to shine, while providing organizations with tools that are really aligned with their employees needs. 

Checkster empowers organizations and ensures them of superior performance by arming their employees with what the latest research shows is needed for expert performance,” explains Yves Lermusi, CEO of Checkster. “Having annual 360′s for only the top management is not acceptable anymore in today’s fast moving and knowledge economy.”

Several early customers of Checkster agree:

“In today’s pharmaceutical development, the steps leading toward successful commercialization of a drug is seen as risk management. Rather than emphasizing the technical risks, at Clinuvel we tend to put emphasis on the talent pool working around the technology. Developing talent markedly reduces this risk. Checkster’s easy, yet powerful tool helps us do just that.” – Philip Wolgen, CEO of Clinuvel Pharmaceutical.

“We deal with companies with some of the most talented people in the world, including Microsoft, SAP, Cisco and many others, and we have to make sure our team is up to par. We use Checkster as a self-managed career performance tool to provide our employees with real time, frequent views of their performance.” – Yaron Lipshitz, Managing Director of Ridgecrest Capital Partners.

Checkster’s 360 Checkup product provides a solution to the complicated issues surrounding “the lack of candid feedback,” which is described as the “biggest little dirty secret of business” by Jack Welch. Checkster’s 360 Checkup enables companies to assist their employees in growing their talents by giving them a true view of their performance, thanks to confidential online feedback from co-workers.

About Checkster 
Founded in 2006, Checkster ( created the first Personal Performance Management Tool. Organizations can now empower their employees with tools that help them grow and develop within their career. Employers leverage the Checkster tools to hire, retain and grow the right talent. To learn more about what Checkster can do for your organization or to set up a consultation, visit