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Four is the Magic Number in Reference Checking, Says New Checkster Research - Tech Funnel

One might be the loneliest number but four is the magic number when it comes to reference checking new hires, according to new Checkster research. In an analysis of over 51,000 references, Checkster determined that four references is the ideal number for quality hires and to prevent turnover.

While companies tend to call an average of 2.4 references when using traditional methods, digital automation tools allow hiring managers to access many more references than would be feasible with phone calls. Because of the confidentiality of the digital process, references feel more comfortable giving candid feedback about candidates.

“Research has shown that digital reference checking is one of the best selection processes and  checking four references ensures that candidates aren’t cherry-picking the few references who will say good things about them.” 


Breaking through reference check bottlenecks -ATC Hub

"Jemena had a Talent Acquisition (TA) team that was largely reactive thus leading to frustration as it sought to become more consultative and proactive... We process mapped the end to end recruitment cycle to identify areas where we could eliminate or reduce activities along with understanding what could be automated. 
We decided to explore the possibility of implementing new technology to assist us with the reference checking process, with the eventual aim of speeding up our hiring process. We selected Checkster ...and... the response has been impressive. The average reference check process is now completed in one day and 3 hours, when previously it could take anything from one to five days."

Checkster in the French Speaking Press

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Screening's Sorry State - Human Resource Executive

"The way in which most companies screen and assess candidates for entry level positions may be a disservice to both parties, new research suggests.

The research, [...], finds that only one-fifth of HR professionals feel fully confident in their organization's ability to effectively assess the skills of entry-level job applicants.

[...] The screening process is in dire need of innovation [...] Checkster, which uses "the science of collective intelligence to improve the hiring process" and Pymetrics, which uses gamification to assess candidates' cognitive and emotional traits."

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e-HRM Report

"Quality of hire reflects the ability of new hires when it comes to performing their job. The goal of measuring quality of hire is to prevent poor hiring decisions while improving current hiring methods. Why does this need to be measured?"

Discover why in a recent report that was published by HRMinfo featuring Checkster CEO Yves Lermusi and his take on the importance of quality of hire.

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Checkster creates a better picture of the candidate

“We constantly improve the way we select candidates. Checkster is a great example of that”, says Isabelle Callebaut, Director Randstad Professionals. “The tool supports the candidate in his quest for the right job and gives the employer a full and representative view of the candidate.”

Randstad Professionals presents Checkster proactively to candidates. “That gives them the opportunity to get to know the tool and collect the necessary references in a timely manner. That way, the employer does not have to wait during the recruitment process. That time gain is crucial today”, explains Isabelle Callebaut...Checkster not only provides a better match between candidate and company, the selection process also happens faster.”

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