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Our Solutions

The power of being efficient and effective at your fingertips

Reference Checking

Reference Checkup

Checkster's automated reference checking tools allow you to save up to an hour per candidate, eliminate manual phone calls and improve your quality of hire

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Interview debrief questions

Interview Checkup

Save time and eliminate hiring biases with Checkster's Interview Checkup. This tool automates post-interview processes to accelerate your hiring decisions

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360 Degree Feedback

360 Checkup

Provide quick, visual, pointed and timely feedback compared to traditional time consuming, yearly 360 feedback. Designed to inspire and take action

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Exit Checkup

Exit Checkup

Collect actionable, confidential feedback from colleagues and managers to determine if the exiting employee was a key player and why they’re leaving.

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Global Capabilities

Quality of Hire: A Framework to Define, Measure and Improve Your Most Critical Talent Metric

Watch this recorded webinar revealing the results of in-depth survey by Aptitude Research on improving quality of hire. 


60% of talent leaders report identifying quality hires as their top challenge of 2019. Yet only 26% have a framework to measure quality.

What Our Customers Say

If you really want to know about candidates, when you have four or more people giving the same feedback, this is such a sure way of understanding them.
Sayoni Banerjee US Recruiting Manager - ABB
Checkster brings us the power to be extremely efficient while getting in-depth tailored reference assessments.”
John Younger CEO and founder - RPO Accolo, Inc
The tool has paid for itself by weeding out candidates who would have otherwise been hired.”
Richard Welsh Director of Recruitment - Penn State Hershey Medical
Checkster enabled us to transform a red tape process to an efficient, useful and 100% compliant step.”
Talent Acquisition Manager ON Semiconductor
Reference assessment with accolo
Reference checking with Cargill
Better than reference calls with On Semi
Job reference check with Randstad
Reference check benefits for Hershey