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The most basic process of hiring is verifying references. The issue is that it’s hard to scale a good reference check amongst hundreds of recruiters. But there is no need to panic; the Checkster automated tool brings efficiency while increasing the quality of the reference checks to unknown levels of accuracy and precision. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the data below!

Collective Intelligence

Familiar with Amazon star rating or TripAdvisor’s ratings? Do you like them as much as we do? Checkster allows you to do just the same on your candidates. On average that results in obtaining references from 6 references compared to your traditional 1 to 2 references. Now you can sleep on both ears when it comes to knowing what your candidate is really good at.


Faster Feedback

Need to speed up your recruiting process? We help you right there; all we need is 2 minutes of your recruiter’s time and within 2 days; the answers of your references will be back. Not to mention that you’ll stop bugging and interrupting references during their busy work day and will allow them to reply 24/7 at their own convenience. Did we mention: no more need to play phone tag?


Do Candidates and References Prefer This New Online Method?

We surveyed over 1,000 candidates and 95% claimed to have a positive or neutral view of the online format. References surveyed were 6 times more likely to prefer the online reference checking format.


Identify Poor Candidates in Seconds

Never get any bad references? We do, we actually get 10-12% of candidates that turn out not to be the right fit for our organizations. About ½ of them are fraudulent, meaning they lie about their references and the other ½ either turn out not to be of the quality our clients want or to be a fit.


Simple Sourcing 


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