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Harness the power of collective intelligence.

Gather more responses per candidate. Period. (We see 6 on average.) More responses means better data and higher quality insights into your candidate, their experience and their qualifications. Checkster’s Reference Insights brings collective intelligence to work for you.


Faster Feedback

Need to speed up your recruiting process? All you need is 2 minutes of time to get the process started, and within 2 days you will have enough responses back to make a decision. No more phone tag or follow up calls needed to chase down references. References can respond 24/7 on Checkster, making their response rates much higher than with traditional reference check methods. 


Make candidates and references happier too.

Out of 1,000 candidates surveyed, 95% said to have a positive or neutral view of the online format. In fact, on average, only 1% of candidates opt out of the online process.


Average % of candidates who said to have a positive or neutral view of the online format

Checkster sees a high 86% response rate from references. And references surveyed were 6 times more likely to prefer the online reference question process.


Average % of references who respond to the request and submit their feedback

Identify poor candidates in seconds.

Never get any negative reference feedback? Ever wonder why? Are you getting the real story or just glib “yes” answers so they can get off the phone?

Checkster catches 10% - 12% of candidates who turn out to not be the right fit for the hiring organization. And worse, up to half of those are fraudulent, meaning they actually lie about their references. What are you not catching with your phone reference checks?

A new sourcing database of high quality
passive candidates.

Over 80% of references in Checkster opt in to hear more about jobs at the hiring organization. That means you’re automatically collecting around 5 passive candidates per candidate you’re checking. Do the math for your organization. How many free, high quality, passive candidates would you collect a year?

Out of every 6 references, 5 indicate they want to hear about jobs at our clients' organizations

1,000 Checkster reference checks yields 5,000 - 15,000 passive candidates

And this is only a few of the many benefits you can enjoy
when you automate your reference checks.

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