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  • Vet Hospital Group
  • 1,700 Employees
  • AUS and New Zealand

VetPartners slashes time-to-hire and gains competitive advantage, going on to win the National HR Achievement Award for Unique Talent Acquisition Programs.

  • The Challenge

    The veterinary industry has been experiencing a talent shortage for years. Vet Partners was seeking a faster, more competitive recruiting process without sacrificing quality.

  • The Solution

    Using Reference Insights, Vet Partners found an agile tool that allowed them to both decrease their time-to-hire, improve compliance and quality, while spending less time on reference checks.

The Results

  • 56%

    faster time-to-fill
    than industry average

  • 70%

    less time spent
    on reference checking

  • From 6

    down to 1.5 hrs/wk reference
    checking candidates

Derek Del Simone

Recruitment Director at VetPartners

“I used to think the best thing to do was do a phone call reference, so for me to move to an automated platform I had my doubts. But having experienced the results -- from speed to efficiency to quality of hire to hiring manager satisfaction, I’m a complete Checkster convert.”

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Competitive Edge in a Tough Market

Checkster Delivers a Competitive Recruiting Process without Sacrificing Quality

VetPartners is one of the top Veterinary Hospital Groups across Australasia, with over 120 veterinary practices, employing 1,736 people across Australia and New Zealand

The Australian veterinary industry has been experiencing a significant shortage of talent for a number of years. Derek Del Simone, recruitment director, developed a number of key talent acquisition strategies to address these challenges. Del Simone said, “One of the areas in the process where our team was getting dragged down was reference checking. We turned to Checkster to help us speed our recruiting process and meet our goals of reducing time-to-fill without sacrificing quality of hire or manager satisfaction.”

Now with Checkster’s Reference Insights, the VetPartners recruiting team reports a higher quality of references and improved compliance. “Our recruitment process now stands out... providing quality candidates to hospitals in less time, and reducing time-to-fill substantially.” In fact, VetPartners is currently filling regional vacancies a whopping 56% faster than industry averages, thanks to the improvements in efficiency with Checkster.

Del Simone says, “And from a quality and compliance perspective, our references are 100% better than what they used to be. We’ve been able to improve the compliance of what the referee has actually said, which has been great for our business. And now that we’ve reduced time to fill, our team can focus more time on sourcing candidates and filling these highly skilled positions. Once my team has identified a candidate as a potential future hire, we request their references through Checkster, to help speed the process.”

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