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The results from Checkster are much better than what I could get over the phone myself, as with the previous process. I often compare the efficiency of the new process to the transition from sending a letter by mail to getting email.” 

We will cover in this case study:

Checkster’s main benefits for ON Semi:

  • Checkster provides 100% verifiable compliance. Every year, Kelly has either an internal or external audit. Now she can be at peace, as she controls the process and has full visibility of each step. “Checkster allows us to not only stay clean from a SOX compliance standpoint, but to also avoid any manager slippage during a reference check.”
  • Checkster delivers valuable information to managers. “I remember this administrator we hired for our EVP of sales,” explains Kelly. “The review of the Checkster report gave the manager a good perspective of the candidate and her strengths before she joined. It also gave him insight on how to manage her. More interestingly, her manager later came back to tell me how much the Checkster report was spot on in predicting her performance.”
  • Checkster is more efficient. Before Checkster, it cost ON Semi money and time to have the hiring manager perform reference calls. Today, the recruiters control them, and barely spend two minutes to trigger a request. The cost probably decreased fivefold. It takes them now only a couple of days to receive over six meaningful references. Needless to say, they’ve come a long way from the time when they had only the insight of the candidate’s two best buddies upon which to rely.