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Success Story
  • Staffing
  • 38,820 Employees
  • Sydney, NSW

Randstad, the leader for staffing and recruitment services, understands the value of leveraging employee feedback. However, their previously manual process left room for improvement. "I would have to do each interview manually," says Travis Gibson, Randstad APAC InHouse Services. Randstad needed a solution that would not only be more efficient, but provide higher quality feedback on their carefully sourced and selected candidates.

  • The Challenge

    Randstad was faced with a time consuming process when gathering employee feedback. In addition, discerning and interpreting the voluminous data required extensive effort, which significantly lengthened the time between receiving feedback and making strategic decisions.

  • The Solution

    Checkster allowed the team at Randstad to leverage technology in order to conduct interviews with employees, without needing to do them in person. The data is automatically compiled into easy to understand reports that allow the organization to make strategic changes. 

Travis Gibson

Commercial Manager

“I would definitely tell others to use Checkster. It’s not only user friendly, but it’s almost effortless. All I have to do is upload and I get a quality report back.”

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Checkster’s New Hire Insights Makes Room for More Informed Decisions

According to Travis Gibson, at Randstad APAC InHouse Services, in Randstad’s previous process the team would have to speak to each worker face-to-face. This meant manual formulation of questions, sending our reminders, preparing for meetings, accumulating all the data and making sense of the findings. 

Now with Checkster, the Randstad team can send out Checkster surveys without in person meetings or interviews. This allows employees to be more candid, since they can express sincere feedback about managers, supervisors and the role.

Checkster’s main benefits for Randstand:

  1. Quality of Feedback - Checkster’s autonomous nature allows candidates to spend some time on each survey and not feel pressured to answer correctly, or in a way that the interviewer wants. 
  2. Time & Efficiency - Checkster makes gathering data more efficient and presents it in a clear format that can be completed in a matter of seconds. 
  3. Higher Client Satisfaction - Randstad’s clients love Checkster. Now, rather than just advising them to make changes, we have the actual data that supports what we’re telling them.

 ”I will definitely be utilizing Checkster Tools with every single new client I bring on. (...) My advice to colleagues and other companies would be to not hesitate with Checkster. It is a really good system and I would recommend it for multiple circumstances.”

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