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"I was very impressed..."

Leading Online Trading Organization

This is my first time using your system. I was very impressed with its structure, ease of navigation, and the very helpful tutorial clip. Good Job!


Private US Organization

How can you suggest any changes when the product is perfect the way it is?

"I think it is great"

Fortune 50 Health System

This is the first time I ever used a system like this. I think it is great.

"Thank you whoever created it."

Health System

This is the most perfect system I've ever used. Thank you whoever created it.


Fortune 50 Organization

I think that your system is awesome!

"...a great and fair tool for assessment..."

Large Healthcare System

You have a great and fair tool for assessment, just want to say thank you.

"I feel your system is very user friendly already."

Large University Medical Center

I feel your system is very user friendly already. I cannot think of any changes.

"Love your system."

Leading Energy Provider

"...easy to follow and convenient..."

Large University Hospital System

Your system was easy to follow and convenient for all to participate in.

"This is a very cool system."

Leading Online Advertising Organization

"I thought it worked GREAT!"

Fortune 50 Organization

"I've enjoyed the experience, thank you!"

Leading Energy Organization

"This system was great and easy to access."

Leading University Healthcare Organization

"This has been an easy and accessible format to manage."

Large Private Organization

"System worked great."

Tech Organization

"The system was easy to navigate!"

Fortune 50 Organization

"You were very helpful..."

Large Private US Organization

Feedback from a reference who wanted to make sure responses would be confidential since his experience with the candidate was very bad. You were very helpful and I have submitted my response already. 

"The tool has paid for itself..."

Large Healthcare Organization

The tool has paid for itself by weeding out candidates who would have otherwise been hired.

"It's great to see that your software is sensitive enough to detect a potential error..."

Large Humanitarian Organization

I was strangely excited to get a fraud alert so early in the process. It's great to see that your software is sensitive enough to detect a potential error even though the terrible network connections of rural east Africa.

"The process was very quick and easy! Such a time saver."

Large Healthcare Company

"This is a fantastic system. Very impressed as a first time user."

Leading RPO Organization

"It has truly been so wonderful working with you and your team."

Medical Staffing

I have a new opportunity that I'm leaving for. It has truly been so wonderful working with you and your team. You have the best customer service based team I have ever experienced and it has been such a pleasure learning from all of you. Thank you for everything you've done for me over the past few years. I know that whoever else ends up in this role will be in excellent hands! I'll miss working with you and hope to cross paths again!

"...great experience..."

Leading Staffing/RPO Organization

Very easy and quick to use! I thought it was a great experience for something that I normally dread in the application process.

"A candidate said he really appreciates our Checkster tool!"

Fortune 20 Organization

I rarely hear feedback from candidates on our process tools, so I had to share. A candidate yesterday said he really appreciates our Checkster tool! He pointed out that it is so much simpler just having to provide email addresses vs. traditional addresses as some other employer's request. He said the process was smooth from a user perspective, and being a security technology professional he really appreciates the confidentiality.

"...great system!"

Fortune 50 Organization

This is a great system!

"...a real time saver."

Large Healthcare System

This was awesome! It was so easy to do and a real time saver.


Large Private US Company

Unique! First time I have used a tool like this and thought it was very user friendly.

"Your live supporters were great."

Large Healthcare System

System works well. Your live supporters were great.

"What a great way to get my references out there..."

Health System

Thumbs up to Checkster! What a great way to get my references out there to potential employers! I wouldn't change a thing.

"Everything is perfect."

Leading RPO Organization

There is nothing else that could be added. Everything is perfect.

"I feel that this a wonderful system!"

Large Healthcare Organization

"The system was easy and efficient."

Large Healthcare Organization

"It is a great service!!"

Professional Services Company

"This is one of the best systems I have seen."

Large Private US Company

This is one of the best systems I have seen. Good job putting it together.

"It is an excellent tool..."

Fortune 50 Organization

This is my first time using this reference application. It is an excellent tool I have experienced. It's easy to use!

"This was an efficient way of obtaining references in a timely and polite manner."

Fortune 20 Organization

"I thought this system was very easy to use..."

Large Private US Organization

I thought the system was very easy to use and I didn't have any problems with it.

"This tool, Checkster, enhances our ability to select top talent."

Large Healthcare Organization

We know the unbelievable responsibility we have of selecting the people that take care of our patients. This tool, Checkster, enhances our ability to select top talent.

"...the hiring managers that have seen the reports are really impressed!"

Large Humanitarian Organization

It's providing really great feedback and the hiring managers that have seen the reports are really impressed!

"...the guys over at Checkster have been amazing..."

Large US Organization

Its been my absolute pleasure, the guys over at Checkster have been amazing and so responsive to deal with!

"Today, someone asked to celebrate the success of Checkster!"

American multinational insurance corporation

At each staff meeting we take a moment to celebrate something. Today, someone asked to celebrate the success of Checkster.

"My leaders are all very happy with this"

Checkster customer

My leaders are all very happy with this. This move made me very well liked around here!

"...very fast, clear and easy!"

Leading Retail Organization

I found the process to be very fast, clear and easy! Thank you!

"You should be very proud..."

Leading Financial Institution

Your Live Online Support has the best customer service I have ever come in contact with! You should be very proud of the team you are working with!

"...valuable tool..."

Staffing/RPO Organization

I have never used a system like this before. I really think that it is a valuable tool to both employers as well as employees.

"...great about supporting your clients..."

Educational Institution

All of you at Checkster have been great about supporting your clients and I’ve really appreciated that.


Large Private US Organization

Wow! This is an awesome tool!

"The system is great."

Leading RPO Candidate


"...easy to use."

Large Private US Company

Very nice website, easy to use.

"The system is great :)"

Technology Organization

"...easy to navigate..."

Large Healthcare System

Everything was very self explanatory, and easy to navigate through.

"I enjoyed the process."

Leading RPO Organization

"I love the taking option..."

Large Private US Company

I love the taking option and the ability to send the follow-up and thank you letters.

"This is a great way to obtain references."

Large Private US Company

"I think your system is both easy to use and efficient."

Large Private US Company

"I love this system!"

Leading Tech Organization

"This is a wonderful system. I love the ease of use and all the tools."

Large Staffing Organization

"...very user friendly!"

Healthcare Tech Organization

Easy to input tool — great instructions, and very user friendly! Thank you!

"You have all the bases covered!"

Large Staffing Organization

You have all the bases covered! A great service.

"I can't imagine ever going back to calling references."

Non-Profit Organization

I have been using Checkster for two and a half years and I can't imagine ever going back to calling references. Checkster makes it so easy to get back the information we want from references and it all comes back anonymous and aggregated.

"All the recruiters are loving it so far..."

Leading Entertainment Company

All the recruiters are loving it so far and John is especially loving the [candidate] pipeline.

"An excellent vendor to work with"

Large Engineering Services Company

"We love it! ... It's been a great blessing."

Humanitarian/Aid Organization

"I loved the system. 5 stars."

Large Healthcare Company

"I think this is brilliant for employee selection!"

Pioneering Technology Leader

I have never heard of Checkster before now and think this is a brilliant idea for employee selection!h


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