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Click on the fields to input your current costs or use the averages collected by research from Bersin by Deloitte and the Saratoga Institute.

Estimated Checkster ROI

See how automating the reference checking process with Checkster can save your organization a significant amount of time and money!

The figures below represent an estimated annual ROI based on hires and the current cost values that you entered into Checkster's online calculator.

Yearly cost to perform reference checks:

Minimum savings of eliminating the manual process:

Hours saved for your recruitment team:

Number of bad & fraudulent hires avoided with Checkster:

Cost of replacing bad & fraudulent hires:

Number of passive candidates generated via Checkster:

Value of passive candidates collected and added:

Savings with Checkster's Reference Checkup:

Overall Business Impact of Bad Hires

Business cost of bad hires:

Business cost of fraudulent hires:

Checkster's Total Business Impact:

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