[Webinar] Tips for Working Remotely


These days, most of us are working from home. But how can we work smarter (and even better) than we did in the office? Sean Rehder, Checkster Community Manager and host of Let’s Talk Recruiting explores this new working reality with recruiting professionals Andy Loyd from Sonatype, Elizabeth Allen of Satellite Healthcare/WellBound, and Blick Art Materials’ Amanda Albrent as they discuss their best tips for working remotely now and in the future. Watch the webinar here!

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Our panelists:


What is your “work style?”

Perhaps one of the most important tips for working remotely is to figure out your work style. Right now, many people don’t have a choice, but if you did, what work style do you prefer? Do you enjoy a separation between office and home life? Is your team “co-located?” Do you find that you like the workplace rituals (coffee, lunch, boardroom meetings) and feel that you’re most productive when you’re “in the room?” Figuring out where you will be successful is paramount in deciding if you should continue to work remotely or go back to the office once there is an ability to do so. 

Invest in your workspace:

The right tools are a key factor in making your workspace efficient and helping you consistently meet your team’s goals. If you don’t have a high-quality headset, now is a good time to invest in one. Most of your assessments, interviews, and other business interactions will be on teleconferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams; make sure you can be heard clearly and can hear others. You don’t want to miss important project information that will cost you precious time in the long run. Additional tips for working remotely include purchasing ergonomic keyboards, a sit/stand riser for your desk, and much more! The panelists noted that even getting a small desk light with a filter makes all the difference when you're on camera with colleagues or candidates. Find out more in the webinar above.

Increase your productivity:

Other examples of smart tips for working remotely are treating the job exactly as you would in person, including assigning yourself a specific time to be at your desk, and showering and dressing in appropriate clothes (no pjs!). Communicate with family and friends that even though you work from home, your time is valuable and needs to be respected. Other hot tips for working remotely include turning your cell phone apps and other distractions off, utilizing to-do lists and blocks of time to complete designated tasks, as well as establishing an office feel by using another laptop or tablet to create a second monitor. Take a coffee break when you normally would at work; you will be more refreshed and focused on core tasks. And of course, keep your desk clean and professional looking. 

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Protect your privacy: 

Our panelists agree that when possible, keeping your personal email and phone separate from work will not only increase productivity, but will cut down on stress. Tools like Google Voice can be really helpful to delineate work calls from personal, as well as allow you to create more fluid texts on your computer. You can even pick your own area code, which can help break into certain markets and increase your accessibility to hard-to-source candidates. Many candidates much prefer to communicate via text and it will make you more efficient and better able to connect with younger/more tech savvy candidates. (That’s one reason, by the way, Checkster’s reference check tool does so well with tech-savvy candidates: it includes the option of inviting references via text message.) 

The best ways to blend work and home life:

Important tips for working remotely also include ways to make work and home life truly separate. Ensure you have a dedicated space for work, and place your computer and other related items away every evening. A desk with drawers or a filing cabinet is ideal. If you have colleagues in different time zones, make sure you clearly communicate your work hours so everyone’s expectations are met. And if you work on a project after hours, log off chat and resist emailing your co-workers until morning. Responding to texts or emails at 10pm may set an unhealthy precedent and serve to blur your home and work life together. Lastly, don’t forget to leave the house every day-even if it’s just for a walk or to run errands. 

One thing remains clear during this challenging time: we can all benefit from some great tips for working remotely. Watch the webinar above to discover how to deliver consistently stellar results as our recruiting experts share their experiences and best practices with remote working.


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