[Webinar] The Best Solutions for Candidate Satisfaction


Attracting high quality candidates for all your open reqs is paramount to a successful recruiting career. And keeping those candidates happy is equally important for their longevity with your company and for vital referrals for your pipeline. But what is the best way to confirm your prized candidates are happy? How can you guarantee candidate satisfaction?

Cathy Barry of iRhythm Technologies, Lisa Wrezel of Centric Consulting, Stoel Rives’ Andy Edmundson, and Sitecore’s Christine Drelling together with Checkster Community Manager Sean Rehder of Let’s Talk Recruiting examine how to ensure candidate satisfaction from that first phone call or email to the offer letter and beyond. Watch the webinar to find out how!

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Our panelists: 

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Powerful Pipeline:
Having a reliable candidate pipeline is incredibly important in the best of times, and now perhaps it is even more crucial, especially if you have a high volume business. By ensuring candidate satisfaction at every touch point, TA leaders can enjoy a prolific pool of talented individuals from which to choose, even if the candidate was not picked for a particular role the first time. By keeping in contact with the candidate and providing a positive experience with your company initially, you can help create loyalty and even gain referrals, all while potentially placing the quality candidate in another position down the road. This is particularly true in a niche market.

Communicate Consistently:
It may be cliché but it still holds true: Communication is key to strengthening relationships and engendering confidence in your company and brand. Treat candidates the way you’d like to be treated. In video meetings or phone calls, draw out their personalities by talking about food, pets, or traveling, and exercise patience when their dog won’t stop barking or their child wanders into the room. And while automated responses are convenient, if a candidate has made it to a phone screening or interview, it’s best to reach out to them in person and communicate if they are continuing with the hiring process. These personal interactions go a long way to create genuine and lasting candidate satisfaction, even if the candidate wasn’t a perfect fit this time.

Prized Feedback:
Building a great company reputation can be easy if you work on it every day, in every interaction. Connect with your high-quality candidates and let them know your company cares about their experiences during the hiring process. One great way to create candidate satisfaction is to ask their opinion about each step. What did you think of our website? Was the interview set-up a smooth process? One panelist ended up with two referrals from a candidate who was passed over for a position at her company, but she was able to maintain and nurture that candidate relationship, which ultimately resulted in two new hires. And when you have a tight hiring deadline, this is invaluable. Feedback is a two-way street. Make sure to offer constructive and compassionate candidate feedback and then ask them to share their impressions about your company’s hiring process. By allowing their voice to be heard, you will strengthen your hiring methods and help to promote candidate satisfaction while improving your systems.

Data-Driven Decisions:
It pays to think of the hiring process as a “candidate journey.” One panelist uses software to measure how candidates feel things are going at many different touch points, including utilizing their company’s career page, applying for the position, initial phone interview and so on. Analyzing your website traffic is also valuable. How many people are viewing a particular posting? Applying to the job? You don’t know whom you aren’t seeing, and that candidate could be the rock star you’ve been hoping to find. Investing in your career site can really make a difference for your pipeline, and being able to show hard user data to the decision makers in your company can help you get the resources you need to ensure candidate satisfaction and great hires! And don’t underestimate the value of Net Promoter Scores and Glassdoor reviews.

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Wooing Your Candidate:
When you find that special hard-to-source candidate, make sure that you’re both prepared for the hiring process ahead. If the candidate was recruited, it’s important to communicate that to the hiring manager; part of their (and your) job will be to sell the candidate on your company. Again, in specialized markets, candidates will be in high demand, and it pays to cultivate a thorough understanding of the competition and industry climate. Follow up with candidates after their initial in-person interview and connect with them every couple of days. Some companies release additional non-public enterprise information (like detailed benefits programs or internal web pages) in order to woo candidates who are in high demand. Setting aside some time with your candidate to prepare them for their second or third interview will continue to grow your relationship and help them go from ideal candidate to employee.

In today’s market climate, your company needs to prioritize candidate satisfaction. You can’t afford not to. Learn more about expanding and improving your company’s hiring processes and watch the webinar above!