WANTED: "Out-of-the-box talent management practices"


The latest report from the Economist Intelligence Unit clearly states: Tomorrow will be a struggle for a good workforce; It is a talent War!

The reasons for this are an ageing population; changing business needs; education gaps; work-life balance; and global competition.
The 944 executives that took the survey see a couple of “out-of-the-box” solutions to these problems:
1. Talent management is owned by the businesses and supported by HR. It is literally too important to be left to HR alone! Really?
2. Recruiting from other countries and other industries. Transferable skills are more true than ever.
3. Bring retirees and mothers back to work.
4. Work more with outside training institutions to improve training.
5. Develop training programs even with competitors to broaden the talent pool.

At Checkster, we strongly believe that adding out-of-the-box tools to the aforementioned practices is a recipe for success. Our 360 Checkup tool enables organizations to provide next generation training support based on the latest findings in neuroscience. These types of tools address points two and three in the chart below.