Real Tricks for Sourcing the Best Candidates


What happens sometimes when you‘re a career recruiter is you become lax in your methods of sourcing the best candidates.

This is especially true because of the recent woes with the economy and the glut of people looking for great employment opportunities.

However, now is not the time to take things easy. The best candidates still need to be wooed and your company brand still needs to be marketed.

Otherwise, you and your organization lose their edge.

Start by Defining the Job Properly

Sourcing the best candidates starts with an accurate understanding of what the job entails.

Unfortunately, this is one area where too many recruiters take the easy way out. They review the job description, instead of asking the hiring manager the tough questions to gain a thorough understanding of what it really takes to do the job successfully.

Yes, a college degree and three years of experience are great. However, knowing the personal characteristics and skill sets that will make this person successful is better. Understanding how they will put their talents to use – projects and goals – is best.

Identify the Company Brand

If you believe that recruiting is all about the candidate selling their talents to you, think again.

Recruiting is a two-way street, especially when it comes to sourcing the best candidates. To convince the top contenders that it’s worth their time to talk with you, you must sell them on the idea that what you have to offer is superior to what they already have.

So now not only do you need to be able to sell them on the job, you need to sell them on the company.

Know Where to Look for Candidates

It’s an overused word, but it describes one of the best tools in your arsenal: networking. Whether you participate in association or Chamber events, speak to colleagues at other companies, contact community organizations, or make contacts through social media sites, networking is still one of the best ways to identify quality candidates.

Put Your Resume Database to Work

The only way to manage the staffing process thoroughly is through applicant tracking and contact management solutions. Proactively managing the entire staffing process puts you ahead of the game and allows you to convert more quality resumes into quality hires.