The future of interviewing


I was made aware recently of the Avatar Zara that was showcased at Davos.

Will this immersive bubble become the future super interviewer?

As we have seen at Checkster with our Interview Checkup, all interviewers do not always align -- hence the need for diverse input, to cancel the biases.  What if we could have an AI-powered, perfectly consistent interviewer? Enter Zara.

Zara assesses your emotion through its vision detection and analyzes sentiment. Through your speech, she understands and assesses intent, and identifies positive/negative sentiments through the language you use, then determines fluency in relevant topics.

If you were concerned about the penetrating eyes of your last interviewers, this could be even more intimidating.  

Granted, this is only a prototype, but this could become mainstream sooner than we think -- like the self-driving car!

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 11.35.46 AM