The Experience Trap


Often we see individuals trapped by their past experience. They want to change jobs but don’t have the “relevant” experience. Recruiters and managers don’t like taking risks and often prefer to hire someone who is not only a high performer, but also has relevant experience.

For years, research has shown that past experience is a poor predictor of future performance, yet a recent article describes how “Conventional wisdom holds that as we do more things more often, we learn from experience and get better and better. What we found in our research is that this may not always be the case.

"Why? “Managers don’t get the right feedback."

So what does one do? If you are a manager, find a definitive way to get candid feedback. Checkster’s 360 checkup has been designed with this in mind.

If you want to change careers? It is usually harder. Our best advice is that you should try to move within your organization first, if possible, because lateral moves are easier!