Successfully Implementing Software With Tried-and-True Best Practices


Using Best-Practice Experience to Pave the Way to Success

Gain Hiring Manager Support Early & Conduct A High Volume Pilot Group To Help Meet Substantial Goals

  1. Very Clear and Defined Processes Provide a Vision To Success

    A best practice we encounter with many of our successful clients are very clear and defined processes. It’s the approach of using meticulous planning and precisely outlined operations that make it much easier to implement change management efficiently. Spending significant time up-front considering and planning the implementation process of a new tool like Checkster is essential. This allows leadership to be involved from the start, garnering their support throughout the project and streamlining approvals as needed. 
  2. Testimonials and Endorsements from Hiring Managers Bolster Project Support

    Internal skepticism can be high when it comes to automated processes. There are sometimes concerns about being able to receive quality information in a timely manner.  

    However, Checkster’s software streamlines the reference checking process, but it’s crucial to ensure everyone in the organization understands, and buys-in to the vision. For that reason, distribution of early reference check results and Checkster reports is recommended, and will demonstrate the value of the tool. Doing so, you’ll be able to gather testimonials and endorsements from hiring managers and drive company-wide adoption and support. This early communication of the tool’s potential impact allows recruiters to identify and recognize the positive change that will be possible once Checkster’s Reference Insights tool is fully implemented, and will push the project forward without delay.

  3. High Volume Pilot Group and Checkster Support Facilitates Faster Implementation
    By starting the implementation process with a high volume pilot group,instantly helps identify and address any process glitches. It’s also beneficial to include individuals across multiple departments and levels. This allows all departments to remain informed throughout the process  with immediate feedback from the pilot group, allowing them the opportunity to ask clarifying questions as needed and avoiding after-the-fact roadblocks as a result.

Checkster’s Account Managers are here to help every step of the way, assisting with their broad knowledge of implementation best practices used among other Fortune 250 organizations. Whenever needed, the Account Managers bring in other technical Checkster team members to analyze capabilities. They gather detailed data points, offer additional feedback or suggestions whenever necessary to ensure success.  This practice is common with Checkster implementations. Checkster partners closely with clients, to best support an organization's goals. This makes integration faster and easier. 


Dedicated Account Managers for Every Implementation

As the COO and Co-Founder of Checkster, I always look for opportunities on how Checkster can improve its operations and support, particularly of our clients. Check-ins with our customers are a great way for me to uncover these opportunities. Thanks to these conversations, I recognize that our Account Manager model should be fully incorporated into Integration Teams as this makes it possible to obtain the necessary business and technical resources to be successful. 

As a result, our integration teams, as a standard, now include a dedicated Account Manager who can help apply best practices, anticipate and avoid potential roadblocks, and assist in gathering technical resources, allowing clients to succeed in reaching their goals faster.  

I recognize that when clients purchase software tools, and begin the process of implementation, they initially only see the tip of the iceberg. There are a myriad of detailed configuration options and technical intricacies not yet visible at the start of the process. 

Checkster is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solution, our customizations are essential in order to adjust, tweak and accommodate a company’s internal process needs for a perfect fit. We are proud to be a flexible and agile solution, able to accommodate varying levels of customization to any size organization.  


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