Solution to Stretchers, Fakers, and Complete Liars,...


Have you ever asked yourself how many candidates are telling the truth during an interview?

Here is the answer from a serious study,* as 17,368 applications were analyzed across many different job categories (general management, economic and political analysis, public relations, etc.) with an innovative but strong way to detect the fake. Also, it is important to note that “candidates were warned that their responses could be verified and that any attempts to falsify information could be used as a basis for not employing them.” Thus, it was not a laboratory experiment. The researchers divided the applicants into three groups, which we have taken the freedom to name:

In short, a third of the people you will see will pretend to have done many more things than they actually have. The only solution: check for yourself, i.e. to connect with ex-colleagues. This is typically called reference checking, but to check references the traditional way, you need time. The only viable, scalable solution: Reference Check 2.0.

* Study from study from Julia Levashina, Frederick P. Morgeson, and Michael A. Campion.