[Webinar] Reviewing 5 Great Recruiting Videos

There is an old adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So what are well-produced recruiting videos worth? Will it save your company much-needed time, money, and marketing energy while attracting prime candidates? 
Join Checkster Community Manager Sean Rehder of Let’s Talk Recruiting along with Tapad’s Amanda Mendez, The Wonderful Company’s Shelley Radford and SurveyMonkey’s Amanda Radice as they explore how the right recruiting videos can make a TA’s life easier and enhance your candidate pipeline-and it can even be fun to create! Ready to put on your producer’s hat? Watch the webinar here!

Recruiting videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and create interest and buzz around your company’s brand.

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 Our panelists: 


Your filming budget:

Let’s face it: some companies have big marketing budgets and in-house video teams and others don’t have access to as many resources. The trick is to make use of what you have. One of the panelists showed a video she shot solely on her iPhone. She was able to be authentic and real, while offering a genuine look at what it was actually like to work at her company. Hot tip: Be forward thinking. If you have the budget for a videographer, ensure you are making the most of your filming day by creating several videos for multiple uses. Your recruiting and marketing teams will thank you and you will have more than a few recruiting videos to post on your company’s career page, LinkedIn, and other networking platforms.  Watch the recruiting videos here.

Showcase your company’s culture:

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a crystal ball that told you what it’s really like to work somewhere? Filming a “day in the life” of different team meetings, lunches, and inner workings of your office can provide a multitude of information and a true cultural snapshot, highlighting your business in a fun and playful way.  And don’t forget to add a little levity in order to feature a variety of working styles and your firm’s environment as a whole. By investing in recruiting videos, you have an opportunity to show candidates what isn’t possible to convey over email or a phone call: your unique company culture and why candidates should rush to apply.  

Engage with high quality candidates:

We all know that engaging in meaningful conversations with qualified candidates is crucial to any TA’s success. Whether you have a production team creating sleek videos filled with on-brand information, social impact or mission statement content, or if you’re using your phone to film on the fly, be sure you utilize your recruiting videos to their full potential.  Post links on your career page, LinkedIn, and Instagram, utilizing all marketing channels. Build up your talent pool and reach hard-to-source candidates where they live; on their phones! Send follow-up texts or emails with your recruiting videos so candidates can discover why your company is special and worth their time and talent.

Collaborate with your team:

Different teams within your company can all contribute toward the greater goal of hiring the right talent. Help your in-house media team by outlining scripts or talking points for hiring managers and recording meetings and mining them for script content. One panelist’s CMO engaged in a gorilla marketing video that she filmed on her own and uploaded to LinkedIn as a companion piece to the job posting. Her recruiting and marketing teams then repurposed the video through other channels. The effort paid off, with very little cost. Other panelists used special editing software like Final Cut Pro to make their projects look more professional. Learn more about producing recruiting videos here.

The time is now:

All of the panelists agree: don’t wait for any of your recruiting videos to be perfect. The most important thing is to get them out there for your ideal candidates to see and get excited about. Whether they are scripted or improvised, high budget or shoe-string, communicating your company’s offer, culture and mission statement will help separate your organization from the rest of the industry and allow your company’s star to shine brightly. Ready, Set, Action!