Reference Check Legal Solution


A good article titled, “The Rash Of Problems Over Job References,” published in the March 10 edition of the National Law Journal, discusses problems found in traditional reference checks. In short, it explains how employers are damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

An increasing number of employers are landing in court over job references and are facing lawsuits for what they said and didn't say about ex-employees. Employers are finding that they are being sued no matter what course they take: “Whether they give a bad reference, a good reference, or stay entirely silent.”

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Checkster’s Reference Checkup is such an awesome tool because it takes the employer out of the equation and places the responsibility of obtaining feedback on the candidate. It can therefore save employers many headaches and the recruiting organization large legal fees! If you have not tried it yet, look at how Checkster’s Reference checking service not only saves you time, but helps one avoid the legal landmines highlighted in the aforementioned article!