Reference Check 2.0: How Digital Social Networking is Transforming the Selection Process - Radio Interview


I did recently a radio interview with Peter Clayton on my book Reference Check 2.0.

Listen to the full interview here.

Best sections:

"The interesting thing is that typically when we speak today about social networking strategy ... 99% of the time, what it means it’s a sourcing social networking strategy.... What we’re saying here is that social networking has more than one usage ... it’s also enabling to assess the quality of those people."

"If you use the traditional method (manual reference checking) and don’t spend the time to do it very well, I would say stop doing it or migrate to a 2.0 version, to the Reference Check 2.0 version. Because the way it’s done today it’s literally a waste of time. The test really for your listeners that are head of talent acquisition departments is to ask the question: "when is the last time that you disregarded or didn’t hire someone because of a bad reference check"