[Webinar] Recruiting Trends That Seem to be Sticking


Recruiting trends may come and recruiting trends may go — but the ones that stick around usually promise the biggest impact on your recruitment strategy success and are worth focusing on.

In this session of the “Let's Talk Recruiting” series, host Sean Rehder and four longtime recruiting professionals from varied industries ran down the key recruiting trends on the minds of top recruitment professionals today.


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Our panelists: 


Get personal: Marvin Smith of Lockheed Martin tackled how talent engagement approaches have morphed over the last 15 years, moving from the candidate-as-consumer model to a very personalized approach that tailors content to engage and nurture a longer term relationship with candidates. (Seems everything old is new again, doesn’t it?)

Becoming strategic business partners: Katherine Amato of Guitar Center focused on the skills recruiters will need to become true partners with the hiring managers and key management to fulfil the company’s business strategy. (Goodbye order filler, hello strategic advisor!) She also said virtual interviews, which are now included with many ATSs, will continue to play a vital and efficient role in screening applicants even after the pandemic relents.

Align recruiting with D&I goals: DJ Cabeen of Amazon urged recruiters to foster diversity & inclusion goals by coaching managers on how to fight unconscious bias in the recruiting process. Plus, connecting candidates with affinity group members to learn what D&I looks like at your company effectively demonstrates your company’s commitment to the strategy. (Walk the walk and talk the talk.)

NOTE: Checkster provides a tool that significantly reduces bias in the hiring process - specifically during the interview feedback phase. Read more about Interview Insights here.

Social media: Matthew Liptak of Mimecast addressed how social media as a recruiting tool is here to stay. But, it’s moving beyond simply promoting openings to marketing the employer value proposition (EVP) as a way to expand the potential pool of candidates. (Get social!)

Watch the webinar posted above for more insights into these recruiting trends and others that will make the biggest difference in your recruiting strategy success.

What Additional Sticky Recruiting Trends Could You Be Missing?

Here are just a few of the targeted recruiting trends the panelists covered that you can start implementing or planning for today.

  • Use CRMs to their full potential to individualize outreach at scale:
    Take additional training so you can delve deeper into the software’s capability to automate and personalize your candidate outreach.
  • Create iterative engagement campaigns to keep your company top of mind when candidates are ready to make a job change: Don’t only connect to candidates about job opportunities. Providing relevant updates on trends in their fields as well as stories of how your company’s professionals are making a difference can attract more well-qualified candidates. (PR techniques are not just for the corporation brand anymore — they also can effectively promote the employee brand.)
  • Leverage events as talent attraction campaigns: Whether virtual or in person, events featuring your company’s top talent or products and services can engage and motivate candidates, especially when you have a big recruiting push to fulfill.
  • ...Find out more in the webinar recording above.

Recruiting Trends Here to Stay: A Top-Notch Candidate Experience & Automation

There are two “trends” that won’t ever out of style and will make a big impact on your hiring bottom line:

Giving Candidates a Great Experience
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Automation of Outdated Processes
Phone calls are so yesterday. Successful TA leaders of top organizations are able to improve their processes by leaving behind slow, manual tasks and automating anywhere they can. Digital reference checks are the first step in automating your hiring process. After collecting feedback (higher quality feedback) quickly, you’ll receive easy-to-read, 100% compliant reference check reports that make it just about effortless to ensure you’re weeding out bad hires and choosing the very best-fit candidate for your organization. Give Reference Insights a try for free here.