[Webinar] Project Based Recruiting


How can the principles of project based recruiting elevate your pipeline and advance your company’s market share and overall growth?

Join Let’s Talk Recruiting host, and Checkster Community Manager, Sean Rehder in discussion with Roblox Senior TA Manager Reggie Pendleton as they explore why project based recruiting can be an excellent, worthwhile approach to managing reqcs, increasing your pipeline (including hard-to-source candidates), and closing the deal quickly and efficiently. Watch the webinar here to learn how! 

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Our panelist:


You have a reliable process and it’s working ok, but you’re interested in discovering how to optimize your recruiting style and want to look at things differently. Project based recruiting could be the answer to what your process has been missing.

Cultivate a strategy: 

It’s worth your time to take a step back and evaluate what project based recruiting can offer your team and your company. Creating a high level strategy, that is based in proven project management techniques, will help develop a clear vision and objectives for both the recruiter and the hiring manager throughout the process of sourcing, assessing, and hopefully placing quality candidates. Without a well-designed plan, you are “flying blind,” and may not reach your recruiting goals-or potentially could lose great candidates to the competition! 

Eliminate Bias:

How do you eliminate the subjective part of the recruiting process? If you have 3 candidates and they can all do the job equally well, then the next part of the assessment and analysis has more to do with how the candidates present themselves, and if the manager and interview team feel they are a good cultural “fit.” This can be difficult to quantify. Find out how project based recruiting can keep biases from creeping into your process. 

If you’re looking to mitigate bias in your hiring process, be sure to check out Checkster’s Reference Insights and Interview Insights tools. By gathering feedback (whether from references or interviewers) digitally, and in a structured format, Checkster’s tools can help minimize biases you may not even be aware are impacting your hiring decisions.

Be collaborative:

Recruiters know that hiring managers can sometimes have a long wish list of what they want to see in an ideal candidate. And often they are concerned there aren’t enough high quality candidates coming down the pipeline. This is where engaging the hiring manager can be invaluable. Think about using unconventional sources to find your “unicorns.” Hiring managers may know of technology forums or industry blogs that would be useful to mine quality candidates, so the recruiter doesn’t have to rely solely on their own resources. By establishing a true partnership with the hiring manager, you share a common goal throughout the process, and recruiters could have more access to employee referrals as well. Learn more in the webinar above

The power of scheduling: 

Establish realistic expectations with the hiring manager. Discuss all the qualifications needed for the role and utilize tools like LinkedIn Corporate Recruiter for job criteria to ascertain how many candidates are available and what a realistic time-to-fill framework might be. Set a hard deadline and don’t be afraid to pivot and re-evaluate methods if the usual approaches aren’t yielding the desired outcome. And once a candidate is placed, don’t forget to schedule a 30-day follow up. It’s a great way to get quality referrals and check in to ensure the position the candidate accepted is true to the job description. 

New Hire Insights will let you do just that: check in on new hires to get a pulse on how they’re doing. Use the tool to gather actionable insights about your changes needed in your job descriptions, hiring process, onboarding process, and more.

Get Specific: 

Define exactly what the hiring manager wants for a given role. Be very specific about the core competencies the candidates need and examine the interview team. Were they assigned particular areas of focus on which to concentrate? Are they “trusted interviewers?” Scrutinize the offer; is it competitive and compelling? The success of your project based recruiting process depends on precise planning every step of the way, especially in these uncertain times. Learn much more about the best ways to source, assess, and monitor ideal candidates using project based recruiting in the webinar above.

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