Onrec Panel - Future of the online recruiting industry


Last week I moderated a panel for the Onrec Global Summit 2007.
The slides from that presentation can be found here.

The topic was future trends in the recruiting industry, with companies such as Yahoo/Hotjobs and Taleo on the panel.
The two minute take: The hiring process is getting more and more complex for organizations, as new tools are adding to the already abundant arsenal of many recruiting departments.
The panel consensus was that as of today, most organizations are just adding those new tools and leveraging the old ones in a different way. For instance, in terms of sourcing, companies are still using newspapers to advertise, but less often and in a different way than before. Today they are also using active sourcing databases and social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Assessments are done more frequently by leveraging online tools such as Checkster as well as traditional assessment tools.
Online interviews and video resumes were a mixed bag.
Finally, recruiting was seen as evolving from a simple duty of attracting candidates to becoming a part of a larger piece called talent management, where the long term performance of an employee is considered to be the core element in management, with the recruiting process only one aspect of it.
We cannot agree more, Checkster is assisting this process by first and foremost providing tools to the individual so that they can recognize and grow their talent; a critical part of talent management.