Nobel Prize on Improving Hiring Quality


Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Winner and pioneer of Behavioral Economics, was asked in an interview how his research could help improve quality of hire?

Here is his answer: “When I read how Google selects it's employees, I don’t feel that psychologists have much to tell them that Google doesn’t know. What they are doing to overcome noise, and the one thing that really overcome noise that is not an algorithm, they use many people to judge candidates.  When you have many independent judgements of the same candidate you eliminate noise by sampling.”

This is the foundation of Checkster's Collective Intelligence methodology on how we help Fortune 500 capture independent judgements from interviewers or colleagues.  

Mr. Kahneman goes on to highlight the limit of the predictability and what can be done, but that is another story and it should not prevent us to do what is possible today.

The full interview can be found here, the section on quality of hire starts at minute 36.