It is not only how intelligent you are that matters...


So many books are focused on being more intelligent, but very few are focusing on how we can be more intelligent, collectively.  Any leader of an organization should care about how can we, simultaneously as an organization, make better decisions. We spoke in the past about radical transparency and its power.  Today, we would like to focus your attention on the principles of Collective Intelligence. The book Big Mind focuses on Collective Intelligence and how it can change the world, how it can change your world!

At its foundation are the principles that are necessary to embrace collective intelligence.

In short, they are, using the words of Geoff Mulgan, its author:

  1. Autonomy: how individual actors are free to voice their views or act.
  2. Balance: this goes towards the diversity of views within.
  3. Focus: making sure we do care about what matters and ignore what does not.
  4. Reflexive: to be intelligent about itself.
  5. Integrated for action: a great decision without implementation is useless.

If you apply those within your organization, from Talent Decisions (like we do at Checkster with our reference checking service) to any other decisions, you will create a Collective Intelligent organization!

More on Collective Intelligence principles here.

It is not only how intelligent you are that matters...