How Winning Leaders Make Great Judgment Calls


The latest book, Judgment, by Noel M. Tichy and Warren G. Bennis, claims that great leaders are defined by their judgment calls.The authors categorize judgment calls into three domains: people, strategy, and crisis.

Although they state that misjudgments in any of these domains can be fatal, they consider the most important one to be the judgment of people. With a poor team, the smartest strategy conceived will remain unexecuted, and team members won’t be able to deal with crises effectively. Thus, the number one priority is getting the right people on the team, but how does one do that?

According to Tichy and Bennis, the process of making effective judgment calls involves these three phases: 1. Preparation phase; 2. Call phase; and 3. Execution phase.
The preparation phase is when you frame the decision and name it, and requires that you have the right people involved in the process. That is what Checkster has been designed to accomplish with its pre-hire tool. Checkster calls upon relevant people to provide confidential feedback about prospective new hires. As simple as it may seem, the peer review process is one of the most efficient ways to predict a candidate’s future performance.
As one of the most reliable and easy ways to perform, we have been providing this tool for managers in search of making the best decisions about people!