How to Stop Hiring Bad Candidates


What exactly is a “bad hire”? These are employees who aren’t a good fit for your organization.  It can be due to a lack of knowledge or skills but more often from an integrity or attitude issue.  A broader term for this would be “culture fit” issues.

The traditional approach to avoid such bad hires is to improve your recruiting team’s interviewing techniques.  While this is important, the new digital transparency offered by online reference checking replaces an antiquated process and will prevent 10-12% of your candidates from entering your organization.

When it comes to the traditional process of reference checking, new methods of capturing data (email, text, chat bot) opens doors to a new level of valuable information. A digital reference check not only provides a quicker process but allows you to eliminate anywhere from 100-120 candidates, per 1000 hired.  Which is typically 10 times more than the manual process.

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 1.36.47 PM.png

So next time you are about to make an offer, ask yourself, did we open our minds to see a radically transparent view of this candidate?  You can learn more about it here.