[Webinar] How to Grow Your Career in Corporate Recruiting


Recruiters spend most of their time attracting, training, and refining talent to help ensure their company’s longevity and success. But what about your own career growth? What’s the best way to chart your career trajectory in corporate recruiting? 

Join our special panel of corporate recruiting professionals as they discuss the best, most effective ways for recruiters to reach their true potential and achieve the next level in their careers. Watch the webinar here to find out more.

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Our panelists:


Utilize a “career ladder” model:

One of the corporate recruiting panelists, Susan Ross, of New Relic, Inc. recommends using a “career ladder” approach; mentoring and growing entry-level recruiters to evolve into senior recruiters, lead level, or principals. Her company prioritizes the value of promoting from within and the ladder method defines all roles, delineating a natural career path as it clearly outlines qualifications needed for promotion. In addition, senior recruiters can pursue a management track under a similar model. This process helps the whole company work more cohesively and provides a clear framework for advancement, which helps mitigate attrition while building a strong company brand. Learn more about this approach to growing your corporate recruiting career here. 

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Contribute strategically: 

Dave Quinn from CME group shares a similar promotional route within his company. Besides a linear training model and mentoring, his company promotes a rotational program, where employees can take on different assignments and roles within the enterprise, depending on need and projects available. This idea can give employees a way to navigate all the career possibilities within the company and establish which ones they may be best suited for. 

Hot tip: 

Get recognized by always volunteering and asking for more responsibilities. Be willing to go beyond your defined role as recruiter and get involved with any special projects and other opportunities available. The corporate recruiting professional is always in the “driver’s seat” when it comes to mapping their career path. 

Take a macro view: 

Jonelle Sood of SiMa.ai acknowledges:  You are already a great recruiter, but who are your partners? Which groups are you supporting? Knowing who the right “players” are, and having a good working knowledge of what your hiring managers really want can make all the difference. 

A successful corporate recruiting career includes anticipating what is needed and vetting the appropriate candidates because you’ve cultivated invaluable insights into your company’s internal processes. A proficient understanding-both externally and internally-of products and your industry as a whole will get you noticed. An awareness of what other companies are looking for will help you communicate realistic timelines for pipeline development and time-to-hire deadlines. Be a talent partner and you’ll be recognized as an invaluable asset to the company. Jonelle also shares when it may be prudent to explore external opportunities pursuant to your corporate recruiting goals. 

How important are certificates? 

Discover the real value of certifications. Does it align with your long-term career plans? Are they required for advancement in your particular company? Is it really worth your time and effort to pursue certifications in order to grow in a corporate recruiting career? Annette Rushin of Dovel Technologies felt that investing in certifications gave her a teambuilding and collaborative experience with her colleagues, an educational opportunity that was sponsored by her company, as well as the knowledge base to expand her corporate recruiting career in HR and beyond. See what other expert panelists thought about certificate and credential building opportunities in the webinar above. 

Build and nurture key relationships: 

Liz Lollock of commercial broker firm Gallagher, emphasizes relationship building as a definitive key to success. Be the value-add from a talent perspective; companies want recruiters who can find, engage, and ultimately help hire ideal candidates. Participate in the business itself (branch meetings, department trainings, extra projects) to garner a deeper understanding of how things work internally. Develop a high quality slate of candidates who will satisfy the hiring manager’s wish list-remember they are your clients. Dig deeper into the candidate’s background to discern qualifications and assure core competencies. When you can provide real value for your manager, that is where you create true advocates who will gladly help grow your corporate recruiting career. Learn more proactive ways to advance key relationships and your career in the webinar above!