Hiring Process Evolution – How do you compare?


A recent study helps us to understand the evolution of the hiring process and the most important areas of growth, what are the trends? How do you compare?

Here is how it looks for the steps in the sequence of the hiring process:
1. Candidates apply with a standard form – 82% with slow growth of 5%
2. Automated pre-screening questions – 83% with fast growth at 12%
3. Recruiters review/screen the resume – 95% (most standard step) with a slow growth 5%
4. Recruiters or IVR phone screens – 78% with a good 9% growth
5. Candidates are interviewed (structured) – 91% with a slow growth of 5%
5. References are checked – 90% (3rd most standard step) with a fast growth at 12%
6. Background checks are done – 81% with a good growth at 10%

The other interesting data from this study is that informal social media searched is at 71% with a growth of 24%.

We are pleased the two fastest trends after searching on social media are: inserting pre-screening questions and reference checking. We are especially thrilled to see the growth in reference checking as it shows that the automation of the process and qualitative improvement we provide at Checkster is finally being understood by the talent acquisition departments. It is also why we list two steps 5 in the order of the hiring process, as the automation of the reference checking step often makes organization reference check before the final interviews. See a great example here.


Hiring process trends

Full research here.